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Benefits of yoga and mindfulness for Wellington citizens

Like most places on the planet, urbanization has increased in Wellington. There is more traffic on the roads, more people in the city, larger crowds and a lot more pollution than at any time in the past. Once, people coped by drinking alcohol, overeating or taking antidepressants. Fortunately, healthier alternatives are readily available for those who look.

One of whole, the way Wellington is built leads many to believe that stress should not be a problem here. There are so many gorgeous and relaxing places to chill out, such as by walking through greenery in the Botanic Garden, cruising down the Wellington Waterfront strip, or taking a vigorous hike along the trails in Otari-Wilton’s Bush.

However, there’s a growing number of people that have come to consider that external locations is not the best answer to relieve stress. Instead, turning inward towards mindfulness (and related practices) is a crucial component of a healthy lifestyle, particularly in urban areas.

Mindfulness, meditation and yoga in Wellington

A wave of contemplation hit New Zealand in the 1980s, when many Wellington travelers came back from places like India and Thailand. Seeing an opening in the market, some of them began teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga. Gradually, teachers began to mix the very best aspects of mindfulness with yoga asanas, as a way to bring about one of the most accessible type of stress relief for their students. This is how yoga teachers in New Zealand started teaching their students how to apply traditional Buddhist mindfulness, using various schools of yoga.

Mindfulness by means of yoga in New Zealand

In New Zealand, many “mindful yoga” teachers state that including mindfulness with yoga was a method that advanced naturally. Considering that all forms of spiritual practice evolve through its teachers, it makes sense that a hybrid form of mindful yoga was a powerful way to enhance traditional hatha yoga practices.

As one example, Te Aro Astanga Yoga is a popular Wellington yoga studio. There, teachers teach mindfulness to help students recognize energy blocks during their practices. For example, some students have difficulty holding their concentration during certain poses, which may be indicative of an energetic or mental block that impedes growth and progress.

The good thing about studying mindfulness training that is integrated with yoga is that it goes beyond yoga styles. Once you understand the basic principles of mindfulness, you’ll be able to apply it in any kind of yoga class. At Te Aro Astanga Yoga, students rave about the progress that they make, especially when it comes to their increased quality of life. Through these practices, the blur of urban life can fade, clarity can set in, and a deeper sense of appreciation for daily life can arise. If you’re suffering from stress and need an escape, keep this in mind as you look into ways to bring yourself back into balance.